bento 175 and more

this post is about two weeks overdue, sorry about that!  my poor blog has been a bit neglected lately.  i am still making bentos for the kids though not as many as before. i am not stressing myself to daily bento but as and when time permits, or when i have some inspirations to make one. 

here are some that i made lately.

this was mine, a simple one with just a few carrot flowers. my mom-in-law cooks very yummy hakka yong tau foo!

a boy and girl teddies cut-out sealed omelette sammies with a few slices of orange.

a bento prepared by lily, a dear colleague,  just for me! in the box – potato salad and fruits. she makes the best potato salad.

half of  hard- boiled egg with fish cake lop ears bunny since easter is nearing, but my son saw a cute puppy.

a repeated charaben, rats made with just a teeny cocktail sausage. use pick to represent cheese instead of real cheese. =)

piggies milk sammies and steamed chicken nuggets.

another attempt to make a bunny. this time with fish balls and fish cake tofu.

till another posting, cheers.


Bento 147 – d or p?

although s was still running a mild fever last friday, he obliged to take fever medicine and attended school . i hope he concentrated and completed his exam questions.

this was his bento, noodle per his request. i wanted to do fish cake dog but it ended up looking like an oink oink! ears and face cut with an oval cutter.
bento was noodle (mix with 1 tbsp of sesame oil and 2 tbsp of abc sweet sauce), fish cake, chicken sausage, broccoli and tomatoes. all boiled in a pot except the tomatoes.

k’s – butter bread with ‘crabby’ and ‘sweet’ chicken sausage, and a pretty doggy fish cake, cut with a smaller oval-shaped cutter.

kids are having school holiday for a week due to the primary six examination paper marking exercise. i am enjoying an additional hour of Zzzz.. and a chance to catch up with the old postings.  cheers, (^.^)

bento 140 – quail eggs

today’s express bentos were all in one “bamboo steamed” – rice, sausages, fish cakes, broccoli, carrots and overnight dinner dishes. also boiled some quail eggs and added fruits of the day , gigantic strawberries and starfuit.

this was s’s. mr bunny and bear quail eggs bento.

k’s sweetie pie quail eggs bento

and mommy’s? … hello kitty quail egg bento =)

bento 138 – lion and animal shaped pasta

bear cutter series no 9 – lion. k requested for cheese sandwich the night before. she loves her cheese. i think she wouldnt mind cheese sammies five days in row!

added cute fish cakes bought from nearby ‘wet’ market.

another successful story,  i’ve managed to persuade s to take some pasta in tomato sauce!! i spotted this animals shaped pasta in a local supermarket and just had to buy it. it costs 3 times more than the shell or normal pasta. it is organic, so maybe that justified its high price.

update: s came home and asked me to replace the tomato sauce with dark soya sweet sauce. hmnn… soya sweet sauce pasta, western and chinese fusion?

the next bento will complete this bear cutter series. just one more animal that i could think of using the bear cutter!  a cat? but that will look like the tiger cub.

bento 129 – doggy and ‘alien’ crabby

here is bear cutter bento series no 2 which was prepared and eaten last week.

animal no 2 – dog.

this is k’s snack bento. the ‘dog’ was made from fish cake, with sausage ears and muzzle. facial details were cut nori. i used the remaining food to make a skewer of sausage and fish cake, and added fish ball and tomato to fill the empty space. a mini cupcake treat for her. =)

s had udon. i was trying to recall and copy emily’s  cutie crab charaben but guessed mine didnt turn out quite like it. mine looked like a space ship crab! oh well…

it’s a brand new week again,  have a great week ahead! =)

bento 125 – at last, 3 d teddies!

finally, i made it ! well, i think it looked like a  teddy.

i asked the children what they thought the charaben was?

k, my gal said – it’s a bunny!
s – it’s a mousy!
mommy – answered aloud, NOoooo… it’s a teddy !! we all had a good laugh!

whatever it was, it doesnt matter. the bentos were prepared so my kids have a healthier food choice, rather than ‘junk’ food they may buy from the canteen. cute snacks is just a creative outlet for me and a bonus for the kids. =)

in this bento, soya sauce noodle, chicken sausage teddy, more fishcake teddies, fish ball and tangerine.

update: posted this in shanon’s what’s  for lunch.

in this bento, nutella bread, heart shaped cheese, chicken sausage miss teddy, skewer of heart and flower fishcake and tangerine.

bento 118 – angelic bear and more bears

today’s bento, no surprises here, the usual noodle for s and sandwich for k.  sigh.. we should really expand our bento menu. emm.. what else are there? that my kids will eat, think fast food type but healthy? pancakes?

angel bear and stars are boiled fish cake. now looking at the photos, i should have cut some ‘clouds’ !  these ‘wing’ picks are so cute! i love them!! =)

my daughter ate all except those carrot teddies, not even that tiny bits of carrot cheeks!  besides being cute, the super long picks are also useful as a fruit skewer =)

bento 110 – double B; boy and bear

a quick snack bento for s this morning. boiled some udon, fish cake and cheese tofu, all at once. =)

i just pasted nori face details onto the cheese tofu. added fish cake hair, hearts and rabbit apple. dab some ketchup on the cheery boy’s cheeks. done.

(update: i just found out s threw the apples away. why? he simply said because he didnt like them.  Argggh…!! two wrinkles are forming right now!! i was so angry… i must chill, chill…  otherwise more wrinkles! )

here is my gal’s meat floss and butter sandwich.

miss bearie is holding a love cushion.  she is going  to picnic at  the park. along the way, she spotted a big butterfly.  =)

i made the butterfly by chance. i had wanted to cut more  heart shapes but there was not enough fish cake so i cut 2 ‘shorter’ hearts.  i was arranging them and ta dah.. a butterfly… haha =) 

yeah! midweek is just a few hours away! happy midweek all!

bento 108 – furry bear onigiri and miss bunny pork floss sandwich

i was undecided what to cook for s this morning. ended with another onigiri today, er 2 actually. made 2  furry bear onigiris : rice topped with pork floss. 

i steamed food using a bamboo steamer that sit snugly on a wok filled with water.  this morning i cooked the hard boil egg  in the wok. aha! steamed and boiled food at the same time, save time, save gas, save earth! hehe…

the pork floss bear was steamed rice with a little sesame and abc sweet sauce as flavouring. i sliced a bit of the hard boil egg to make bear’s muzzle. added  a spiral nori as eye for the ‘clown’ eggy.

k’s bento theme was bunny.

one fish cake bunny was missing one whisker? do u know which one? must have stuck onto my finger when i rearranged them earlier. =)

this is another furry bear onigiri bento made for lg who pleasantly surprised me (often) with a cup of coffee on my desk this morning.  the chicky small containers was filled with italian herb dressing . this is just one of the mini containers in the set that i am giving away. they have matching food picks too.  do register for the lucky draw if you have not done so!  =)

this was mine, half filled with broccoli to the brim! i think i had enough of broccoli that can last for the next few days. lol!  the doggy mini container had italian herb dressing.

i used 2 rice moulds cum cutters for these bunny (big) and bear bentos. see them in bento gadgets under rice moulds (code RM7). 🙂

bento 104 – snow man noodle for a hot day!

this was last friday’s bento, sweet sauce noodle with fish cake and fish balls.

i attached 2 fish balls with a spaghetti strip and ‘ tie’ a plain noodle as scarf.

i really should make an extra effort to make incorporate more  fruits and vegetable (?) into my kids’ bento, who are super picky about their food.  i will add more fruits but vegetable, how?  the only veg they will eat is seaweed!  sigh…