bento 125 – at last, 3 d teddies!

finally, i made it ! well, i think it looked like a  teddy.

i asked the children what they thought the charaben was?

k, my gal said – it’s a bunny!
s – it’s a mousy!
mommy – answered aloud, NOoooo… it’s a teddy !! we all had a good laugh!

whatever it was, it doesnt matter. the bentos were prepared so my kids have a healthier food choice, rather than ‘junk’ food they may buy from the canteen. cute snacks is just a creative outlet for me and a bonus for the kids. =)

in this bento, soya sauce noodle, chicken sausage teddy, more fishcake teddies, fish ball and tangerine.

update: posted this in shanon’s what’s  for lunch.

in this bento, nutella bread, heart shaped cheese, chicken sausage miss teddy, skewer of heart and flower fishcake and tangerine.


4 thoughts on “bento 125 – at last, 3 d teddies!

  1. Must share with everyone where you got the chunky cocktails from coz I knew many Singaporeans will be very happy to get their hands on them! hahahaha

    I think you got the bear right this time! Well done!!

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