hello kitty 3D latte art and kaya bun

I am totally in awe with latte art. I did my first last year and have been making on an average 3 latte and/or cappuccinos weekly if not more in the past year.

one of my absolutely must have kitchen gadget for this is my nespresso’s aeroccino. it can froth foamy milk perfectly for 3d cappuccinos or 2d etched latte art. however, it’s not the right consistency for free pour latte art. 😦

Here’s what i had for coffee break today  – a home baked hello kitty kaya bun and hello kitty (singapore’s 2 bows) 3d cappuccino.

made hello kitty bun by cutting the crust away with a small scissors. added cheese and punched seaweed/nori.20160609_163626

below is a shot of espresso from my trusty pink nespresso coffee machine and frothed milk with aeroccino. see how micro-foamy is the milk!


pour milk into the glass. scooped and ‘scuptured’ milk foam into desired character. it’s usually two tiny ears and a round face. in this instance, i made two little bows onto the head. can you see it?


add facial details and add colour (food colouring) to bows.

tadah – all things hello kitty. 🙂

daiso hello kitty clip $2 ! hello kitty spoon and pen to write down my to-do list for the next day.


below are a few favourite pics of recent homemade cappuccinos and buns.







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im back..almost!


it’s been a long long pause, almost 3 years! hello. 😊

my current ocd phase – bread. im getting lots of ideas and experimenting to make them visually kawaii and colourful the natural way.

this is a quick post, my first blog post with handphone! stay tuned. 🙂

Bento 199 – rilakkuma and hello kitty inari sushi

Dinner was the usual steamed stuff and boiled egg with some vegetarian oysters mushroom sauce.




Hello kitty’s ribbon was originally orange. I changed it to red – ‘inspiration’ came while eating strawberries. Think red is nicer, don’t you agree?..added a bouquet (of two) flowers too. 🙂


It’s a small bento box… I also had fruits to fill my big stomach!


bento 197 – Hello Kitty and 2 pups

This is the cat that started my love for charaben bento… 3 years ago! I absolutely heart her. She does not have a mouth because she speaks from her heart. Awwww… 🙂



In the box, steamed carrot and veg, honey tomatoes, egg and rice.


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Happy bento-ing…

bento 170 – hello kitty and more

i have not made any hello kitty lately. this will be my first for year 2011.

a simple bento for me! =)

update: added this to shannon’s what’s for lunch post.

these were the bento gadgets i used to make HK.

my kids’s sammies with condensed milk, steamed chicken nuggets and mini taiwan sausages.

note:  both kids complaint that the nuggets were .. er.. yucky and advised me to either fried or bake it, adding that it was not a good idea to steam. but they liked the steamed chicken with seaweed wrap! hmnn..maybe these nuggets were covered with a thick coat of batter. point taken.

bento 164 – bunny and hello kitty

an express snack bento – butter and meat floss sammies with boiled cocktail sausages and quail eggs.  kiwi slices as fruit of the day!

s’s bunny sandwich  and bear clown quail eggs.

k’s hello kitty angel and flower sandwich. (k saw a sun here!) i pinned the sausages with ramen stick.

i will be posting some backdated bentos … stay tuned. =)

bento 148 – hello kitty clelebrates halloween

yeah, hello kitty in her lion suit celebrates halloween. this was my simple dinner bento of fried rice, edamame, carrots, tomatoes and kiwi.

this is how i did it.  i missed out the mini flower plunger. used carrot, cheese, fish ball, and nori (seaweed).

‘edamame’ green spider with musical notes punch-out nori as legs.

my beloved hk in her lion suit.  =)

there, my dinner. time to prepare – 30 minutes (exclude cooking), photo taking – 5 minutes, eaten in less than 3 minutes! i was hungry … =^.^=

update: posted this to shannon’s what’s for lunch.

bento 140 – quail eggs

today’s express bentos were all in one “bamboo steamed” – rice, sausages, fish cakes, broccoli, carrots and overnight dinner dishes. also boiled some quail eggs and added fruits of the day , gigantic strawberries and starfuit.

this was s’s. mr bunny and bear quail eggs bento.

k’s sweetie pie quail eggs bento

and mommy’s? … hello kitty quail egg bento =)

bento 139 – pokemon eevee and hello kitty

s made a special charaben bento request. he wanted an aura pokemon called lucario!

hmnn… this will probably need hours considering the colour and details involved! yes, if it is on a weekend, as a special project that we can do together. definitely not something i would want to attempt in the wee morning. =P

he chose a few more and we finally agreed to this, evolution pokemon – eevee, as it looked pretty simple. as it turned out, today’s bento is an example of poor planning. sigh…

the colour! this bento would look much better with a lighter background like rice or bread. too late to do anything as i cooked the noodle first. eevee is a pokemon. that’s all i know, the kids shared what it does but i cannot recall.  i only know pokemon can evolve from one stage to another, and possess special powers. i cooked 2 eggs separately, added one with dark and sweet sauce.

seing the kor kor (brother) chose a pokemon, k wanted one too (above spike ball pokemon named togepi), but later changed her mind in the morning.

i suggested a flower and girlie character (a hello kitty?) cheese sandwich, and she said ok!

so finally, bear cutter series no 10 – a hello kitty in a teddy suit.  it can be difficult to find a hello kitty cutter besides being expensive. i improvised with the bear cutter, we still can make a hello kitty without a hello kitty cutter. =)  used an oval cutter to make a ‘hole’ for kitty’s face. k had mini cheese and omelette sandwiches.

update: submitted this to shannon’s what’s for lunch. shannon is donating a food item for every lunch link up.

besides hello kitty, there are many other characters that can don the teddy suit. hmnn… that could be another series. =)

here is a round-up of the bear cutter series.

hope you had had enjoyed the series as much as i enjoyed making them for my kids. i love the bear cutter ! =)

bento 134 – hello kitty and twin sister, mimi bento

m (my colleague), asked me to prepare a hello kitty bento for her niece who is celebrating her birthday today.  i am always in ‘ready mode’ to spread some, and more bento love!  like me, her niece is also a big hello kitty fan, i hope she will be pleasantly surprised and all smiles after receiving/eating the bento.

in her bento – bunny quail egg, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, kitty (with ribbon) and her twin sister, mimi (flower) onigiris, carrot, cucumber, champaign grapes, seaweed chicken wrap, and sweet potato. hope she will not get a hello kitty overdose! =)

this was for m’s son who likes mickey mouse. bear onigiri with hard boiled eggs, also his favourite and made into bears and car (shape not visible as egg is too small!)

this was s’s , the way he wanted it , fuss-free and no vegetables.

and k’s.