bento 138 – lion and animal shaped pasta

bear cutter series no 9 – lion. k requested for cheese sandwich the night before. she loves her cheese. i think she wouldnt mind cheese sammies five days in row!

added cute fish cakes bought from nearby ‘wet’ market.

another successful story,  i’ve managed to persuade s to take some pasta in tomato sauce!! i spotted this animals shaped pasta in a local supermarket and just had to buy it. it costs 3 times more than the shell or normal pasta. it is organic, so maybe that justified its high price.

update: s came home and asked me to replace the tomato sauce with dark soya sweet sauce. hmnn… soya sweet sauce pasta, western and chinese fusion?

the next bento will complete this bear cutter series. just one more animal that i could think of using the bear cutter!  a cat? but that will look like the tiger cub.


8 thoughts on “bento 138 – lion and animal shaped pasta

  1. What cute fish cakes! We don’t have any like that here; but maybe soon because the local Asian market keeps adding to what they sell.

    Yeah for the pasta with sauce. Hubby doesn’t like it but girls do. 🙂

  2. Turning a bear into a lion, that is a great idea! 🙂
    My elder boy doesn’t like pasta with tomato paste too initially and he always had them with furikake sprinkle instead which sounds weird to me, haha…but now he started to accept tomato paste pasta, I’m so glad about that!

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