bento 110 – double B; boy and bear

a quick snack bento for s this morning. boiled some udon, fish cake and cheese tofu, all at once. =)

i just pasted nori face details onto the cheese tofu. added fish cake hair, hearts and rabbit apple. dab some ketchup on the cheery boy’s cheeks. done.

(update: i just found out s threw the apples away. why? he simply said because he didnt like them.  Argggh…!! two wrinkles are forming right now!! i was so angry… i must chill, chill…  otherwise more wrinkles! )

here is my gal’s meat floss and butter sandwich.

miss bearie is holding a love cushion.  she is going  to picnic at  the park. along the way, she spotted a big butterfly.  =)

i made the butterfly by chance. i had wanted to cut more  heart shapes but there was not enough fish cake so i cut 2 ‘shorter’ hearts.  i was arranging them and ta dah.. a butterfly… haha =) 

yeah! midweek is just a few hours away! happy midweek all!


8 thoughts on “bento 110 – double B; boy and bear

    1. thanks alice. the really small odds and ends normally go to either my or charlie’s stomach.

      charlie is our pet doggy. in a way, he is getting bento too. hehe.. . =)

  1. Remember … wrinkles are no good for us hihihihi 😀 You got creative although you didn’t have enough fish cake. You still can make adorable bento.

    1. hi kuusou, my son could have ask his friends or take it home but he THREW it away… sigh… he must learn not to waste food. but i think he learnt his lesson! 😉

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