forever friends buns and cappuccino

made buns using killer toast recipe for breakfast and lunch. this is my all time favorite recipe. simple ingredients and so so.. soft bread.

just add all ingredients and knead in breadmaker. shaped separately and baked in oven.

Here’s the recipe:

260 gm bread flour
30 gm sugar
30 gm butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp yeast
1 large egg + milk =180 gm

i divided the dough into 45gms and yielded 12 buns. rest them covered with a wet cloth for10 mins .
shaped the buns. made 8 sausage buns and 4 kosong buns. 2nd proofing in oven for about an hour.
eggwashed the buns and baked at 170 Celsius for about 12-15 minutes.

I always made the same mistake by placing the buns too near each other.


sausage buns and kosong buns cooling after baking and brushed with a generous amount of butter for shine.


decorating bun is one of the reasons I baked and my favourite part of making bread.


same themed cappuccino. ☕



photoshooting time!



made a girl forever friend bun too. lunch for me was egg mayo and cheese and boiled nai bai veg.





oh, also made sausage and pork floss buns. just add some mayo to ‘glue’ the pork floss.


keeping the buns in a cake dome.


my epic failure in shaping bun below  just for laugh. it’s supposed to be a bear! what do you see?


see what I did to it on the next post! stay tuned. ☕😊

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bento 205

made this for dinner using the new hello kitty rice mould I bought last sat. (posted on fb)

made a bear instead of hk because didnt want to spend too much time punching those whiskers. 


Ketchup used for her red dress.


Karen 🙂

Bento 202 – quail eggs and noodle

I used to cook this for my kids breakfast. Tonight, this was my dinner. Boiled udon in sesame oil, dark and light soya sauce. Added boiled tau pok and vegetarian mushroom balls.


The egg yolk was too big and didn’t stay centre so I couldn’t make it into a bear as intended. No space for eyes. Ended with this- a fat pikachu in a bear suit! Haha…


I used these silicones to shape the quail eggs while cooking.


Check out my new squirrel picks! <3! 🙂

It's TGIF! Have a great weekend!


bento 200 – bear in mud bath

200! Bentos or like prepared, photographed and eaten thereafter. 🙂

Here’s the 200th and also my first – japanese vegetables curry bento.


In the box – rice, curry, steamed carrot, quail egg, edamame and strawberries. added lettuce and honey tomatoes into curry.



I was holding the halved quail egg undecided what to do, my
son walked by and suggested feet! An ‘Aha’ moment for me because he had not shown any interest in my bento-ing before. I am so proud of his idea. 😀

Happy mid week!

bento 195 – Rilakkuma and kiroiitori went to the beach

Finally! a themed bento for my dinner. Mr rillakkuma and kiroiitori joined me today. Made both from choco and white bread.



It’s been a manic Monday and I need to ‘rilak’ now.


Cute snacks for office’s fund raising event 2012

It’s been another long pause since I made the last cute sandwich. Made these recently  for my  office  annual donation drive.


I had my sister ‘s help last year. On my own this time, it took me a few more hours even though I made a simpler ‘bear’ and keroppi. I started late night after kids went to sleep. Completed mission at 3am!!


More instagramed photos below. 🙂

All types of bread – chocolate, corn,pandan, plain, mini butter buns and muffins too.


nerdy buns filled with egg omelette and cucumber. i added a pair of specs to the bear and cling wrapped all separately.


simplified keroppi with kaya spread


i cut away the muffin tops and instead of using fondant, I cheated and used bread and cute picks to decorate!


The brown parts are inverted muffin tops (from above) ‘glued’ to pandan bread with nutella. as they say- dont waste food! 😉


all packed and yawn…. oh ..  my eyelids were sooo heavy. lesson learnt -start earlier next year!


prepared and sponsored 2 sets of bento stuff for ‘guess the numbers’  contest.


Happy to report that our donation drive was a huge success. it’s heartwarming to know that the funds collected will make a difference in some people’s lives.

December is nearing… time to make Christmas themed Bento?

Happy bentoing!!

bento 193 – three inarizushi bears

sushi cannot get any simpler than this.  all there is to do – cook rice (add sushi seasoning), boil  fish cake (or sausages, crabmeat stick, etc), and/or make tomago. buy and stand-by Inarizushi (sushi in a bean bag) and nori/seaweed. have the kids DIY their sushi with sushi molds.


prepared this bento for k because she was throwing a tantrum and didnt join us for the sushi DIY dinner.



bento 192 – bento for tv

i was invited to co-host an episode of an upcoming variety tv show about working parents and do a simple bento demo. it will be shown on mediacorp channel 8 called share something hosted by bryan wong. check out the facebook for more info about the show.

the filming went well although i had many ‘ah.. er..” moments because i had to speak in mandarin! it was all good and fun experience albeit a tiring one… and i didnt even speak much! >.< blush

here are some random photos taken on the 2 days of filming by a dear friend, D who so graciously accepted my invite to tag along.

interviewing parents about places of interest and phone applications for the kids.

trying out food for free! 🙂

playing hide and seek?

interviewed a celebrity mom of 3 young boys! …and she is still looking so good and slim.  what a coincidence, all 3 were in black tops!

bento demo segment at my ‘kopitiam’ room.

prepared these bentos specially for the show.

did a quick demo on the “lion” bento.

put them all in a big box after the show.

will post the telecast date and time when available. excited!

till then, have a great day and happy bentoing!

karen *.^

Bento 185 – bear choco banana bread

I love choco banana cake so thought choco banana bread should be nice too. Made this simple bear for k’s breakfast this morning.


Sunshine choco bread, banana slices and grapes for eyes and nose. Move the grapes around to get the different expressions and faces.



Happy bento-ing!!

bento 183 – more cute sammies

after a long hiatus, i am back with 3 types of cut-out sammies.

one set for my daughter, one for J’s daughter and one for M’s son. a quick cut-out of bread and kaya spread.

 till the next post, have a happy mid-week!

next post –  look out for my first ever version of angry birds sammies.