Cute snacks for office’s fund raising event 2012

It’s been another long pause since I made the last cute sandwich. Made these recently  for my  office  annual donation drive.


I had my sister ‘s help last year. On my own this time, it took me a few more hours even though I made a simpler ‘bear’ and keroppi. I started late night after kids went to sleep. Completed mission at 3am!!


More instagramed photos below. 🙂

All types of bread – chocolate, corn,pandan, plain, mini butter buns and muffins too.


nerdy buns filled with egg omelette and cucumber. i added a pair of specs to the bear and cling wrapped all separately.


simplified keroppi with kaya spread


i cut away the muffin tops and instead of using fondant, I cheated and used bread and cute picks to decorate!


The brown parts are inverted muffin tops (from above) ‘glued’ to pandan bread with nutella. as they say- dont waste food! 😉


all packed and yawn…. oh ..  my eyelids were sooo heavy. lesson learnt -start earlier next year!


prepared and sponsored 2 sets of bento stuff for ‘guess the numbers’  contest.


Happy to report that our donation drive was a huge success. it’s heartwarming to know that the funds collected will make a difference in some people’s lives.

December is nearing… time to make Christmas themed Bento?

Happy bentoing!!


bento 192 – bento for tv

i was invited to co-host an episode of an upcoming variety tv show about working parents and do a simple bento demo. it will be shown on mediacorp channel 8 called share something hosted by bryan wong. check out the facebook for more info about the show.

the filming went well although i had many ‘ah.. er..” moments because i had to speak in mandarin! it was all good and fun experience albeit a tiring one… and i didnt even speak much! >.< blush

here are some random photos taken on the 2 days of filming by a dear friend, D who so graciously accepted my invite to tag along.

interviewing parents about places of interest and phone applications for the kids.

trying out food for free! 🙂

playing hide and seek?

interviewed a celebrity mom of 3 young boys! …and she is still looking so good and slim.  what a coincidence, all 3 were in black tops!

bento demo segment at my ‘kopitiam’ room.

prepared these bentos specially for the show.

did a quick demo on the “lion” bento.

put them all in a big box after the show.

will post the telecast date and time when available. excited!

till then, have a great day and happy bentoing!

karen *.^

bento 190 – red nose mouse and fish

here is another quick bento.

in the box – strawberries, sweets, quail egg (mouse) and kaya sammy.

i used one piece of bread for the sammy. a broken piece at the back.

have a great day, happy bento-ing!

bento 180 – elmo

another round of cheese sammy for k,  packed together with all her favourite food.

elmo eyes were halved fishball, red face -artificial crab meat stick and nose was made of fish tofu.

bento 179 – croak croak…

i made another simple sandwich-  a keroppi inspired theme. it would be nicer with a pandan flavoured ‘green’ bread. 😉

in the lunch box – cheese sandwich, seaweed chicken and some marshmallows. thank you all who came back to visit after such a long time!


bento – hello! i am back to bentoing. ;)

after  a super long break, i am back to packing ‘cute’  food for my daughter.

i have been experimenting new food to replace nori facial details. i find nori punching to picking and placing tiny ‘eyes’ and ‘mouth’ on food  a little stressful especially in a mad morning rush. it is more so when the tiny ‘eyes ‘ just wont stick to the place where it should be. 🙂

i found this black decorating gel tube very handy for dotting eyes and drawing mouth especially for such days, like today.  made sausage and cheese sammies for k. added a piece of choco cake for her since she will go to school early for her guzheng lesson.

i tried ‘drawing’ with nutella too, but the lines werent smooth and appeared patchy. kindly leave a comment if you have found another way to draw the facial details apart from punched nori. 😉

bento 177 – BEARY happy mommy and daughter

my not so little eight-year old girl gave me this on mother’s day.

i am pleasantly surprised and  touched because she used almost all her weekly school allowance to buy this little frame that says …life is beautiful, when you are in my arms! … 🙂

she also made two cards and crowns,  one for mommy and another for herself.

a very happy mommy made this beary bento and hopefully it made her girl as happy too!

in this speedy bento, bread crust ‘bears’ with condensed milk, ‘sweet’ cocktail sausages, fishball  ‘hearts’ and ‘rabbit’ apple in a silicon container.

and these are the cutters and punchers used for mommy and daughter bears.

i’ll be spending this weekend to catch up with some overdue postings and other bento mamas’  blogs.  have a great weekend ahead all. 


happy mother’s day!

 here’s wishing all mommies a very happy mother’s day! hope you continue to have a wonderful journey as moms, be happy and blessed! 😉

this bento is made with mommies in mind, bento and vintage combo! 🙂

bento 174 – a sleepy puppy

i have not made many cute bentos since the last post,  it’s hard to start the bento making ‘engine’ after such a long break. =)

i was also busy with my new-found love into all things vintage, co-blogging with a dear friend about our vintage collections here. please drop by and check it out!

this was the usual bento food for my son today. a sleepy mom prepared a sleepy puppy bento…

my gal’s sleepy cat and alert bunny – condensed milk sammies.

happy midweek all.

bento 170 – hello kitty and more

i have not made any hello kitty lately. this will be my first for year 2011.

a simple bento for me! =)

update: added this to shannon’s what’s for lunch post.

these were the bento gadgets i used to make HK.

my kids’s sammies with condensed milk, steamed chicken nuggets and mini taiwan sausages.

note:  both kids complaint that the nuggets were .. er.. yucky and advised me to either fried or bake it, adding that it was not a good idea to steam. but they liked the steamed chicken with seaweed wrap! hmnn..maybe these nuggets were covered with a thick coat of batter. point taken.