bento 175 and more

this post is about two weeks overdue, sorry about that!  my poor blog has been a bit neglected lately.  i am still making bentos for the kids though not as many as before. i am not stressing myself to daily bento but as and when time permits, or when i have some inspirations to make one. 

here are some that i made lately.

this was mine, a simple one with just a few carrot flowers. my mom-in-law cooks very yummy hakka yong tau foo!

a boy and girl teddies cut-out sealed omelette sammies with a few slices of orange.

a bento prepared by lily, a dear colleague,  just for me! in the box – potato salad and fruits. she makes the best potato salad.

half of  hard- boiled egg with fish cake lop ears bunny since easter is nearing, but my son saw a cute puppy.

a repeated charaben, rats made with just a teeny cocktail sausage. use pick to represent cheese instead of real cheese. =)

piggies milk sammies and steamed chicken nuggets.

another attempt to make a bunny. this time with fish balls and fish cake tofu.

till another posting, cheers.


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