Bento 147 – d or p?

although s was still running a mild fever last friday, he obliged to take fever medicine and attended school . i hope he concentrated and completed his exam questions.

this was his bento, noodle per his request. i wanted to do fish cake dog but it ended up looking like an oink oink! ears and face cut with an oval cutter.
bento was noodle (mix with 1 tbsp of sesame oil and 2 tbsp of abc sweet sauce), fish cake, chicken sausage, broccoli and tomatoes. all boiled in a pot except the tomatoes.

k’s – butter bread with ‘crabby’ and ‘sweet’ chicken sausage, and a pretty doggy fish cake, cut with a smaller oval-shaped cutter.

kids are having school holiday for a week due to the primary six examination paper marking exercise. i am enjoying an additional hour of Zzzz.. and a chance to catch up with the old postings.  cheers, (^.^)


10 thoughts on “Bento 147 – d or p?

    1. Hi Kelly, abc is brand name. It’s an indonesian product made from soya bean, wheat, palm sugar, wheat and salt. It’s almost similar with Chinese dark soya sweet sauce.

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