bento 108 – furry bear onigiri and miss bunny pork floss sandwich

i was undecided what to cook for s this morning. ended with another onigiri today, er 2 actually. made 2  furry bear onigiris : rice topped with pork floss. 

i steamed food using a bamboo steamer that sit snugly on a wok filled with water.  this morning i cooked the hard boil egg  in the wok. aha! steamed and boiled food at the same time, save time, save gas, save earth! hehe…

the pork floss bear was steamed rice with a little sesame and abc sweet sauce as flavouring. i sliced a bit of the hard boil egg to make bear’s muzzle. added  a spiral nori as eye for the ‘clown’ eggy.

k’s bento theme was bunny.

one fish cake bunny was missing one whisker? do u know which one? must have stuck onto my finger when i rearranged them earlier. =)

this is another furry bear onigiri bento made for lg who pleasantly surprised me (often) with a cup of coffee on my desk this morning.  the chicky small containers was filled with italian herb dressing . this is just one of the mini containers in the set that i am giving away. they have matching food picks too.  do register for the lucky draw if you have not done so!  =)

this was mine, half filled with broccoli to the brim! i think i had enough of broccoli that can last for the next few days. lol!  the doggy mini container had italian herb dressing.

i used 2 rice moulds cum cutters for these bunny (big) and bear bentos. see them in bento gadgets under rice moulds (code RM7). 🙂


12 thoughts on “bento 108 – furry bear onigiri and miss bunny pork floss sandwich

  1. I love the spiral eyes!! How did u do that?? I can’t wait to try floss too but Kimi still not keen on this.. I will work harder to get him to eat it! How can not like right? So nice right? 🙂

  2. simple, just get a carla craft punch! haha.. yeah, why is kimi not liking floss? maybe you want to get those crispy ones for a start. those are yummy with poridge too. =)

  3. carla punch has spiral??? hey! i din know that!!!

    Ya, why ah?? let him play with your kids more?? maybe he c them eating he will?

    I tried b4 but he din want. Anyway, I just bought a pack to re-try. You lah! bad influence, tsk! tsk!! Lol!

    don forget dewi’s links hor? 🙂

  4. Hi hi ! My kids are super fussy eaters, son is carnivorous! That’s why they eat meat floss. Maybe kimi can teach them that veg is delicious too! Haha…
    sent u the link via email. It’s here, it’s nearer! Weekend ! Yeah!!! 🙂

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