bento 177 – BEARY happy mommy and daughter

my not so little eight-year old girl gave me this on mother’s day.

i am pleasantly surprised and  touched because she used almost all her weekly school allowance to buy this little frame that says …life is beautiful, when you are in my arms! … 🙂

she also made two cards and crowns,  one for mommy and another for herself.

a very happy mommy made this beary bento and hopefully it made her girl as happy too!

in this speedy bento, bread crust ‘bears’ with condensed milk, ‘sweet’ cocktail sausages, fishball  ‘hearts’ and ‘rabbit’ apple in a silicon container.

and these are the cutters and punchers used for mommy and daughter bears.

i’ll be spending this weekend to catch up with some overdue postings and other bento mamas’  blogs.  have a great weekend ahead all. 



7 thoughts on “bento 177 – BEARY happy mommy and daughter

  1. that’s really sweet of your girl to buy you a frame that expressed out all her love for you! I’m sure she’s very happy to have this cute lovely bears bento.. 🙂

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