bento 157 – soon it’ll be…

soon… it’ll be christmas day!  i was humming this while walking home this evening.  Jesus birthday… a special day for me too 😉

let me start the ball rolling and share with you my first 2010 very  early christmas bento albeit a simple one.

in the dinner box, snowman rice onigiri,  potato, pumpkin, buttercup vegetable and teriyaki chicken. snowman’s hat is made from blueberries, nose is carrot, nori eyes and mouth, ship food pick as the pipe and cheesy snow.

have a great weekend all. i know i will. durian puffs!  i will be eating a few of you tomorrow! hehe…cheers, =P

update: posted this bento in shannon’s what’s for lunch. have you posted yours?


bento 142 – a halloween bento

i was in the mood to make a halloween themed bento this evening.  my first!

bento was from tonight’s dinner – potato with minced meat, veg in oyster sauce and teriyaki chicken. used three ingredients for charaben stuff – carrot, cheese and nori. i wanted to do a cat (fishball) in costume but abandoned the idea because i was too lazy to cook. yeap, carrot is raw! =)

the bunny was made with 2 bunny heads (turned one upside down), bat was cut with tiny bear cutter, wings cut free hand with a toothpick, jack o’ lantern, with an  apple shaped cookie cutter.

update: link this up with shannon’s what’s for lunch.

bento 96 – pretty lambs

as mentioned in my previous post, i am going to prepare bento characters based on the ‘bento t-shirt’ for the next few days.

today’s the lamb,

and this is my interpretation.

in this bento, i cooked the egg white and yolk and separately. used cloud and round (one big and small) cutters to make the lamb. this was an easy charaben.

i spread a thin layer of butter on the top side of bread. my boy thought this was for his sis. yeah, this bento looked a little girlish, dont you think so? =) he insisted that i take the flower away, haha..

this is the mini version for k. her lamb had eye lashes – made with combining a star and circle punched nori.

i prepared a bento for myself too, packed from yesterday’s dinner – sambal ikan bilis (anchovies with onion) and teriyaki chicken. m-i-l steamed it for me this morning. cut mini flowers with the balance egg. one egg, three bentos. not bad eh? the red flower (apple) was recycled from my son’s bento. =) haha… also packed some slices of starfruit, apple and mini tomatoes (not shown) for a ‘balanced’ meal