doraemon and totoro – cappuccinos and sweet potato buns

i received special requests for a virtual totoro and doraemon cappucinos and made complimentary themed buns too.

here are some pictures for your virtual feasting. hope they bring a smile to you as they did to me. enjoy!








these sweet potato buns are so soft that i had a hard time turning it (right side up) to cool on the cooling on the rack. Original recipe referred from mimi baking house.

total recipe is 585 gm and i made 14  (approx 40gm)  buns.

i baked 9 buns in a square pan and 5 in my smallest chiffon pan, 6 inches in diameter.


  • 260 gm bread flour
  • 45 gm sugar
  • 5 gm salt
  • 15 gm butter
  • 165 gm cold milk
  •  100- 110 gm mashed steam sweet potato
  • 1 tsp yeast

sweet potato paste (filling)

  • 100 gm sweet potato
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 Tsp butter
  • steam and mix altogether. enough to fill 7 balls only.


  1. mixed all ingredients and separately add yeast into my trusty panasonic sd104 bread maker which did all the kneading and 1st proofing. – will take an one hour.
  2. took out dough and hand knead, punching air out before shaping into 14 balls and a few pairs of very small balls (for ears and tails). cover with a wet cloth- dough to rest for 10 minutes
  3. pin roll shaped balls flat and spoon in fillings. wrapped and roll with hand into balls again.
  4. placed them into baking pan.
  5. thereafter, into the oven with 2 cups of hot water (underneath baking pans) for second proofing –  for an hour.
  6. bake at 170 degrees for 12-15 mins depending on how light or dark crust you like.
  7. check doneness by inserting a thermometer . anything more 90 degrees Fahrenheit dough has becomes bread! 🙂

for a person (me) who just started making bread 2 months ago, this recipe is a keeper for now. i love the pink colour, the texture and of course the star ingredient, sweet potatoes which is packed with nutrients.

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karen 🙂








bento 152 – jack’o lantern and creepy pets

i am so into making halloween bento. here is another one.


the terrified half sausage kitty was being chased by a ‘body-less’ dog, whilst sweet potato jack o lantern and his friends, the sweet potato flower and mouth-less carrot monster cheered on. hehe…

buried below these ‘critters’ were yong tau foo, ikan bilis sambal, tau kwa fried with minced meat and fish cake and mushroom chicken. typical chinese dishes at our home, cooked with love by mother-in-law =)

bento 134 – hello kitty and twin sister, mimi bento

m (my colleague), asked me to prepare a hello kitty bento for her niece who is celebrating her birthday today.  i am always in ‘ready mode’ to spread some, and more bento love!  like me, her niece is also a big hello kitty fan, i hope she will be pleasantly surprised and all smiles after receiving/eating the bento.

in her bento – bunny quail egg, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, kitty (with ribbon) and her twin sister, mimi (flower) onigiris, carrot, cucumber, champaign grapes, seaweed chicken wrap, and sweet potato. hope she will not get a hello kitty overdose! =)

this was for m’s son who likes mickey mouse. bear onigiri with hard boiled eggs, also his favourite and made into bears and car (shape not visible as egg is too small!)

this was s’s , the way he wanted it , fuss-free and no vegetables.

and k’s.