bento using Daiso shaker

the Daiso ball shaker was out of stock for a long time when it was first sold. I’ve used it to shape meat balls and buns fillings.

hey you can even shape rice with it just fill rice and shake shake. fill less to make smaller rounded balls.


dinner ~ chawanmushi recipe, mushroom potato stew, raw carrot and mini tomatoes.


Cheers! ☕


bento 193 – three inarizushi bears

sushi cannot get any simpler than this.  all there is to do – cook rice (add sushi seasoning), boil  fish cake (or sausages, crabmeat stick, etc), and/or make tomago. buy and stand-by Inarizushi (sushi in a bean bag) and nori/seaweed. have the kids DIY their sushi with sushi molds.


prepared this bento for k because she was throwing a tantrum and didnt join us for the sushi DIY dinner.



bento 149 – mr bear inari sushi

i was on leave yesterday, home baby-sitting full-time as in-laws are away. kids and i had instant noodles for late breakfast and went to the mall in the afternoon. they wanted mcdonald’s for lunch.

i am so glad that s loves reading rick riordan’s fiction story books. he’s completed the percy jackson series (5 thick books!) and we just bought a new one today – book was launched last week. this is the thickest! once he started, he wouldnt want to let the book down. that will keep him occupied for a while. 🙂 .  highly recommended for boys 9+.

dinner was home cooked rice, tomagoyaki, chicken sausage, inari sushi.

i wanted to make a Frankenstein initially but they were hungry, so i just anyhow  ‘stacked’ and ‘assembled’ their food.

i prepared the first ever bento for hubby who was working late and didnt have dinner with us.  hehe… =P  well, he had a big smile on his face when he saw this. he finished all (as snacks) but the edamame, like father like son and daughter!

bento 111 – sushi bento

my kids love sushi, well not all types. their favourites are tomagoyaki , hot dog and inari sushi. i have wanted to make these sushi as bento for them for the longest time, but was afraid that i may take longer than the 30-40 minutes i have in the morning. alas, i did it !

i mentally went through the steps of cooking the night before –

wake up as soon as the alarm rings at 6.00am. normally, i would cheat another 5 -10 minutes of extra   Zzzz … =)

  1. wash and soak rice ( i could do this the night before)
  2. take tofu out (inari from fridge)
  3. prepare breakfast for s
  4. steam rice
  5. cook tomagoyaki
  6. prepare sushi rice
  7. cut nori strip
  8. make sushi
  9. put sushi in bento box
  10. get out of the house before 7am!

you can find my tried and tested sushi and tomagoyaki recipe here.

yes i made it, but not tomagoyaki sushi, it’s more like OMELETTE sushi! lol! =)I must confess i didnt have the patience to wait and roll the egg x 4 times. i cooked all the eggs at once, folded half and then to quarters, thinking it’s still four times/layers. what was i thinking, haha….. big mistake! there is no shortcut!

anyway enough of my stupidity, here it is, omelette sushi and inari sushi, that looked like inari sushi., albeit a mini one, they are  cheaper! =)

i have a little time to do a mini ‘makeover’ for k’s sushi.

i wont be making kids bentos till next monday. they are now on home based learning assignments, i.e.,download worksheets from home and contact teacher via internet. how cool is that? this is an annual rehearsal in case of emergency that all children cannot attend school.


last 2 days to register for the lucky draw if you have not done so! =)

bento 66 – sushi and bento friends

we had sushi for lunch on sunday. prepared a quick and easy meal which include kids’ all time  favourite tomagoyaki, sausage and japanese sweet beancurd (inari). prepared potato salad as the side dish. the above bento is prepared for hubby as he was away in the afternoon for office matters.

see the difference before and after the bento was ‘rearranged and decorated’.  food picks – an easy way for a quick bento ‘makeover’ 😉

bento 50- inari and tomagoyaki sushi

Today is s actual birthday! So I made him his favourite tomagoyaki sushi!

I steamed 1/2 cup sushi rice and yielded just enough cooked rice for 4 sushi. The balance was used to make k’s bunny onigiri.

piggy was made from egg sheet. there was more egg and fish cake below it.

Sushi Attempt no 2

Began preparing at 6 and started eating by 7pm. Not bad eh? It was a rushed jod as k wanted to go swimming. By the way, the kids and mil helped.

Forgot abt the Japanese tofu, still in fridge!! Anyway, will try to make smaller rolls next time to get more sushiS.

Rice tasted good this time. Here is the recipe

1 cup sushi rice
1 cup of water

2 Tbsp rice vinegar
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt

Vinegar, sugar and salt to be cooked in slow fire. Cooled before mixing with cooked rice.

Tomogoyaki (egg) recipe
4 large eggs
1Tbsp sugar
1 tsp rice wine
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Japanese soya sauce


Visited daiso IOI and bought more nori punchers and sushi moulds!!

Had a fun filled and tiring – shopping, and sushi making day with a c and m f. We cooked 6 cups of rice, that’s 12 cups of cooked sushi rice. Here are some of our ‘fruits of the day’. 🙂