eggless hokkaido milk bread

there are so many recipes using hokkaido milk to make buns. there’s hokkaido bread, hokkaido chiffon, … hokkaido this and that. i have never came across this milk in the supermarkets i went, so I usually used other fresh milk brands to substitute.

i passed by a japanese shop in Suntec while on the way to totts yesterday and spotted a promo selling 2 litres of hokkaido milk for sgd12. That’s sgd6 for a litre of milk. almost double the price of what I paid for the ones I bought in supermarket.

bought 2 and made bread. verdict – soft and sweet.

no egg bread recipe :

250gm bread flour
30gm cake fluor
30 gm raw sugar
20 gm butter
160gm hokkaido milk
5 gm salt
5 gm milk powder
3/4 tsp yeast

sweet smelling.




hubby’s brekkie. manually shaped the sunny side up egg with a spatula to make ears.


my lunch.






orange muffins

I woke up early on sun and decided to do some baking since hubby didn’t show interest to go cycling.

Baked orange muffins using half of the basic non dairy recipe. Below is the variation i made, trial and testing method –

Added two –
Orange zest
Orange juice
1/2 tsp mixed spices
Some chopped walnuts

Reduced 1/2 the water n sugar and omitted vanilla essence.

I quite liked it! i think the mixed spices made a difference. will try out apple and cinnamon next.

Next menu, butter cookies. I only have 100g of butter in the fridge, just enough for one batch. k helped me to sprinkle some choco chips.

lastly, cooked 2 cups of rice and made 4 rolls of sushi. made 2 rolls with mostly boiled stuff, i.e., fish cakes, hot dogs, crab meat. the balance 2 rolls with carrot, cucumber and mayonaise (because kids didn’t like these).

Missions accomplished by 12 pm. =)

pineapple muffins (non-dairy)

I tried to bake pineapple cake using the chocolate non dairy recipe. Tested out only a quarter of actual recipe. In case it’s not nice and need to be trashed.

Substituted half of the water with canned pineapple juice n mixed 2 rings (cut into small pieces) of the pineapple to muffin batter. Made 8 small muffins.

Tested one muffin with hubby. Quite bland (for my liking), an ok from him. Need to add more juice and more crushed pineapple, will try again and maybe test out orange and apple too.


All eights muffins consumed this morning for breakfast. Yeah!!


Meet Mickey! My newest addition to the cartoon baking moulds. Love, love them to pieces!

Also chk out pooh and my beloved kitty. Feeling nostalgic.. isn’t it ? bring back fond childhood memories.

I made these ‘muffins’ two nights ago with a non dairy chocholate cake recipe – eggless and butterless ! Super soft and moist. This is an idiot proof recipe. Tried a few times and it has never failed me. the only change i made was reducing the sugar.

note: I took the pics with iPhone at night so the originals are dark. Thanks to snapbox, a free iPhone apps, I changed the filter. we can now see their eyes instead of a lump of brown dough.