forever friends buns and cappuccino

made buns using killer toast recipe for breakfast and lunch. this is my all time favorite recipe. simple ingredients and so so.. soft bread.

just add all ingredients and knead in breadmaker. shaped separately and baked in oven.

Here’s the recipe:

260 gm bread flour
30 gm sugar
30 gm butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp yeast
1 large egg + milk =180 gm

i divided the dough into 45gms and yielded 12 buns. rest them covered with a wet cloth for10 mins .
shaped the buns. made 8 sausage buns and 4 kosong buns. 2nd proofing in oven for about an hour.
eggwashed the buns and baked at 170 Celsius for about 12-15 minutes.

I always made the same mistake by placing the buns too near each other.


sausage buns and kosong buns cooling after baking and brushed with a generous amount of butter for shine.


decorating bun is one of the reasons I baked and my favourite part of making bread.


same themed cappuccino. ☕



photoshooting time!



made a girl forever friend bun too. lunch for me was egg mayo and cheese and boiled nai bai veg.





oh, also made sausage and pork floss buns. just add some mayo to ‘glue’ the pork floss.


keeping the buns in a cake dome.


my epic failure in shaping bun below  just for laugh. it’s supposed to be a bear! what do you see?


see what I did to it on the next post! stay tuned. ☕😊

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doraemon and totoro – cappuccinos and sweet potato buns

i received special requests for a virtual totoro and doraemon cappucinos and made complimentary themed buns too.

here are some pictures for your virtual feasting. hope they bring a smile to you as they did to me. enjoy!








these sweet potato buns are so soft that i had a hard time turning it (right side up) to cool on the cooling on the rack. Original recipe referred from mimi baking house.

total recipe is 585 gm and i made 14  (approx 40gm)  buns.

i baked 9 buns in a square pan and 5 in my smallest chiffon pan, 6 inches in diameter.


  • 260 gm bread flour
  • 45 gm sugar
  • 5 gm salt
  • 15 gm butter
  • 165 gm cold milk
  •  100- 110 gm mashed steam sweet potato
  • 1 tsp yeast

sweet potato paste (filling)

  • 100 gm sweet potato
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 Tsp butter
  • steam and mix altogether. enough to fill 7 balls only.


  1. mixed all ingredients and separately add yeast into my trusty panasonic sd104 bread maker which did all the kneading and 1st proofing. – will take an one hour.
  2. took out dough and hand knead, punching air out before shaping into 14 balls and a few pairs of very small balls (for ears and tails). cover with a wet cloth- dough to rest for 10 minutes
  3. pin roll shaped balls flat and spoon in fillings. wrapped and roll with hand into balls again.
  4. placed them into baking pan.
  5. thereafter, into the oven with 2 cups of hot water (underneath baking pans) for second proofing –  for an hour.
  6. bake at 170 degrees for 12-15 mins depending on how light or dark crust you like.
  7. check doneness by inserting a thermometer . anything more 90 degrees Fahrenheit dough has becomes bread! 🙂

for a person (me) who just started making bread 2 months ago, this recipe is a keeper for now. i love the pink colour, the texture and of course the star ingredient, sweet potatoes which is packed with nutrients.

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karen 🙂







bento 186 – sweetie girl bun

Prepared this as an after school snack for my daughter.

in the box – hot cross bun, mini sausages, and grapes.

hope she will be pleasantly surprise to find this besides the usual prepackaged biscuits or cakes. 🙂


to make girl’s face – i used a mini scissors to cut hair outline and peel away the bun’s ‘skin’ layer. Used decorating gel to add facial details. done in less than a minute!

happy bento-ing,

bento 172 – doraemon and girl in bear suit

brown xiao ding dang (doraemon in chinese) came to mind while i was slicing a fish ball meant for the girl in bear suit.

this is my second doraemon. i used a red ball food pick as its nose. see my first  doraemon here. i forgot about the nose then.

cute girl in bear suit for my girl. tip: use a small scissors to get a smooth outline. i didnt for doraemon. see the difference?

another tip: cling wrap the buns so the facial details will remain where it should be.

have a nice weekend all!  it’s flea market shopping time for me, er, treasures finding time, yah!!  =)

bento 170 – moo moo and eyes

this week’s  speedy bentos were prepared with mini buns as main course.

this was my main ‘ingredient’. mini bread/burger buns from gardenia.

ta dah! it became a cow ( well, that’s what i had in mind while removing the crust).  some of you probably see an oink oink here. =) added nori and egg sheet for face details, ears are luncheon meat or spam, pinned with a short piece of uncooked spaghetti.

cow make moo moo sound. panda?  i googled but cant find the word. i read somewhere that panda barks. ?

it’s egg and spam mini burgers  for the kids.

bento 123 – ‘charaben’ buns and mooncakes

i still have mini buns so we had another round ham and cheese buns this morning.

the lion shaped cheese was cut with a winnie the pooh cutter. i added some chicken sausages bought from ntuc. they are round and short, just what i needed to make cute 3d bear like alice’s, i thought with joy.

but as you can see from the photo, my supposedly bear was looking more like a mouse! haha… so mouse it is, again! this was my second try. my first attempt also turned out to be a mouse. looking at alice’s tutorial, now i know where i did wrong!  the nose and ears! i will try again, gambateh!! =)

my son’s was a ‘doggy’ charaben bun. i cut the sausage into half and pinned them with a short spaghetti strip as ears.  i am enjoying using the candy eyes! these are the large ones. my kids like them very much too.

dee, pl and i had a mini snowskin mooncake workshop last sunday. instead of the traditional ones, we ‘charaben’ our mooncakes.  we are true blue “charaben bento-ist” and put the bento gadgets into good use!

why mooncakes? the chinese celebrate mid autumn festival on the 15th, eighth month of the lunar chinese calendar.  family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon (end of the summer harvesting season), and eat mooncakes and pomelos under the moon together. this year it falls on 22 sep. so we still have time to have more “mooncake workshops”!

i will blog on the recipes used and charaben mooncakes next! 😉

click here for more information about this celebration.

we had so much fun that  i think we should have bento workshops too! if you are in singapore and are interested, leave me a comment or email me. we can learn from one another, after all none of us is as good as all of us. =)

bento 122 – mini ham and cheddar cheese girl and boy buns

made two simple ham and cheese buns today. we  are dog-sitting  for a friend for a month, and were kept awake last night due to the dog’s barking. i guessed that poor fella must be stressed and missing home, even though charlie, our cavelier king charles was friendly to his new ‘mate’ , gizmo, a silky terrier.

this morning was no better, gizmo ‘ marked’  his territory all over the kitchen. sigh…

ok let’s go back to bento. this is a ‘chubby boy’  bun for s. added some marshmallows, tangerine and longan.

and here is a girl bun for k.

i wanted a wide grin. tried punching using my new punchers but gave up after a few tries. each time only the eyebrows are perfectly cut. the grin either broken or not out at all.

i am using candy eyes for the first time!  i just got them last friday, thank you to a kind bento mama who ordered online for me! you know who you are, hugs and kisses! =P .  the candy eyes come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. the ones above are medium size. i dont think i’ll buy the small size ones anymore because they are just a small dot of black candy. my personal favorite, the large ones! see photo below for comparison of the sizes.  prices on the stickers are in usd, ordered from candyland crafts.

bento 91 – charaben sausage buns

i missed bentoing and felt a bit ‘rusty’ already. well, kids started school this mon. i am back to bento making again! that, nayyy.. to waking up early.

here are the two simple charaben buns –

a doggy sausage bun for my boy. face details are drawn with nutella, using a butter knife and toothpick. (apart from some eggs and apples, this is all i have to make a ‘charaben’ snack/ bento that morning.. )

i intended to do a hello kitty (yes, again!) for my gal but whilst peeling the bun’s ‘skin’, i saw a lamb! hmmm… although i luv hello kitty, it’s definitely a better option in the morning rush! no need to cut and paste the six tiny whiskers for the famous cat. haha..

i have so much to share, bento shopping trips in kuala lumpur and more hello kitty stuff.. but so little time. =(

bento 88- more animals buns and king teddy noodle

Here are Wednesday’s snack bentos.  My son’s bento was noodle with fish cakes and sausage.

The teddy is fish cake, made from two bears using the same cutter. Made a small semi-circle cut on one and turn it around to join with the other. after looking in the photos, i think i should have added another semi-circle ham or cheese on teddy’s ‘ body’ to represent the belly.

The Pikachu fish cake was expensive at S$6.80 for only 8 pieces. I bought for s as he loves pokemon characters. i dont think i’ll buy again.

More mantous/steamed buns ! made them into hello kitty (hk), piggy and doggy? hk had ‘curved’ whiskers as i dont want to waste extra nori cut-out. the piggy and doggy buns were for lg’s kids. hope they liked it!

It would be perfect if they sell strawberry flavoured ones, then we’ll have pink swirl!!

My kids’ one month school holiday begun today! So no bento today, and for another week as we will be away!

I missed making cute bento for myself so i’ll probably take this month to make rice charaben bento, hehehe..,yes, more hello kitty and theme bentos. that’s if i can pull myself up early or at least make some form of preparation the night before. The kids will be staying with their grand pop and mama, so i probably have more ‘me’ time to just relax or more bento shopping!

I bought many hello kitty and other cute files a while ago.  i can keep my working notes and other important docs..  well, maybe not the working stuff, wouldn’t be seen as professional going to meetings with them! lol!

Love, the hello kitty ones! More ideas for kitty bento! see, it’s related. 😉 will take photos and post them during one of my bento-less days. if you are a hello kitty fan, pls remember to visit again! =)

note: i entered a contest hosted by an american in bento. please take a look and vote your favourite. mine is hello kitty no 6.  thank you for your support! hehe…. (>.<)