japanese curry bear bento

Japanese curry bento
Japanese curry bento

It’s been a long while since I made a character bento. Here’s a simple one using a panda mould from daiso, small round and oval cutters for bear muzzle and ear.

in the bento box – Japanese curry premix from daiso, added lots of other vegetables. cauliflowers, mini tomatoes, French beans, carrots and mushroom.

add all ingredients and boiled. yum.

I used to make cute bentos for my kids to bring to school. now the tweens think cute is ugly and uncool. the mommy still thinks kawaii is in. I have to justify all the bento tools invested. 😆


air fried mackerel

20160601_192740this is as fast and simple as it can be.

mackerel fillet
some mixed herbs seasoning
pepper and salt to taste

air fry for 10 -12 minutes.



20160601_200710my kids love eggs.

here’s a simple recipe that i adapted as i dont store sake and dashi stock in my kitchen.

serves 4

4 eggs
water ( x 3 of eggs volume)
2 tsp light soya sauce
1 tsp mirin
1 tsp chinese wine
1 tsp noodle sauce from daiso

mix ingredients and STRAIN before pouring into chawan mushi cups.

optional topping – mushroom, minced pork, chicken, shrimp or anything you fancy!

steam in rice cooker while cooking rice. ‘killing 2 birds with one stone’

texture is as soft aand smooth as bean curd! yum.

im back..almost!


it’s been a long long pause, almost 3 years! hello. 😊

my current ocd phase – bread. im getting lots of ideas and experimenting to make them visually kawaii and colourful the natural way.

this is a quick post, my first blog post with handphone! stay tuned. 🙂

bento 209 – hoot hoot

I am crazy about all things owls at the moment. Wearing and bought t-shirts, rings, necklaces with owls motif only. If there’s an owl on it, high chance I’ll take it home. Soon, this will pass. I hope.



Here is my food owl –


In the box – mee goreng and bread owl.


Hoot hoot!!


Used 2 circle cutters.  Bigger one for the body and wings.  use smaller one to cut its eyes. Easy peasy and most importantly fast!


Poodle Sammy

I had a sammy and fruits for dinner today. Something light because I was still half full from earlier heavy lunch and mooncakes.

Today’s poodle sammy was inspired by this lovely ring of mine.


Here is my take of  that little poodle –


menu: bread, carrots, apples and blueberries. ‘glued’ with nutella.


Chasing monday blues away…

bento 207 – sleeping panda

we went to river safari zoo last sunday to visit jia jia and kai kai (pandas).

unfortunately Kai kai was sleeping and jia jia was in her den when we were there. So disappointing. 😦


here’s kai kai fast asleep in his dreamland.


there is a panda themed restaurant next to the pandas. I ordered cappuccino because of this cute stencilled latte art.


panda themed water container and red bean pau.

and here is my version –



in the bento box – panda made from bread, taupok and vegetables.


bento gadgets I used are as picture below.



bento 206

I liked the idea of a specky rice bear but the thought of cutting a small piece of seaweed into a pair of spectacle …hmm..too much work needed.


can you guess what is this spectacle made of?


green chillies!  🙂


here are the tools used today. 

bento 205

made this for dinner using the new hello kitty rice mould I bought last sat. (posted on fb)

made a bear instead of hk because didnt want to spend too much time punching those whiskers. 


Ketchup used for her red dress.


Karen 🙂