bento 194 – new japanese lunch box

hullooo… it’s been a long time since my last post. both my kids are older now and not so interested in cute bento snacks. whilst lack of time and sleep didnt motivate me to prepare bento, i was also busy with online window shopping.

this japanese bento box reminded me why i love bento-ing all over again.  my ‘baby’ sister bought it for me knowing i loveeee… it but not willing to fork out that amount of monies to buy it. absolutely gorgeous three-tiered lunch box that comes with chopsticks!

this was my dinner bento – apple + tomatoes, bean curd skin, fried egg + rice+ carrot

this is a small lunch box, no longer than a table-spoon.  just enough for someone like me who has forever trying to lose that few kilos – unsuccessfully.  🙂

it’s good to be ‘back’.

happy bentoing! ^.*


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