bento 192 – bento for tv

i was invited to co-host an episode of an upcoming variety tv show about working parents and do a simple bento demo. it will be shown on mediacorp channel 8 called share something hosted by bryan wong. check out the facebook for more info about the show.

the filming went well although i had many ‘ah.. er..” moments because i had to speak in mandarin! it was all good and fun experience albeit a tiring one… and i didnt even speak much! >.< blush

here are some random photos taken on the 2 days of filming by a dear friend, D who so graciously accepted my invite to tag along.

interviewing parents about places of interest and phone applications for the kids.

trying out food for free! 🙂

playing hide and seek?

interviewed a celebrity mom of 3 young boys! …and she is still looking so good and slim.  what a coincidence, all 3 were in black tops!

bento demo segment at my ‘kopitiam’ room.

prepared these bentos specially for the show.

did a quick demo on the “lion” bento.

put them all in a big box after the show.

will post the telecast date and time when available. excited!

till then, have a great day and happy bentoing!

karen *.^


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