bento 182 – santa!

it’s been exactly 2 months since my last post, and i havent been ‘bentoing’ . well, except for two occasions.

made these charaben ‘kaya bread’ with my sister to raise funds for a nursing home. i replaced nori facial details with wilton’s decorating gel. love using this gel because it’s fast and easy. made bear and keropi with white and pandan (green) bread.

i had collected so many pictures and ideas to make santa, snowman and even rudolf  since early november. time flies and before i had the chance to make any, it’s Christmas eve!!  i had to make at least a santa, so here it is.

santa made with wholemeal and white bread, nose and hat ‘coloured with ketchup’ and eyes, black gel.

today’s not so much about giving and receiving gifts.  we all get so hung up on material things, that at times it seems like we forget what Christmas really means. let’s celebrate the real reason for Christmas! here’s wishing you and loved ones, a very merry and blessed Christmas. hugs! >.<



2 thoughts on “bento 182 – santa!

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    “bento 182 – santa! | Anna C – Life is a Blessing” together with my own close friends on facebook .

    com. I personallyjust wished to spread ur very good posting!
    Thank you, Joie

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