bento 181 and more – bread , bread, bread…

my last post was exactly 2 months ago! it’s been a while…

below are some of my express bentos in the last 2 months. some, too not ‘bento’ to be posted. these were made for k, my girl, as simple as can be.

these are twin pikachus minus their ears! try to imagine… harder! lol!

a girl bento and vintage dome glass combi – my all time favourite.

didnt like the girl? we can change it to bear with a small circular piece of cheese.

ok, i have no inspiration on that day! ;P

my first pirate bento – hand drawn with wilton’s black decorating gel.

halloween is coming, it’s time to make some ‘serious’ bentos ! stay tuned… 🙂

in the last 2 months,  i’ve accumulated more vintage stuff than anyone could have imagined!  my first love – vintage footed glasses, started with a few last year  …

and now…

and i have sold a few sets… tho’ reluctantly. 

i have just started a new craze, vintage vacuum thermos.  i cant get enough of them! let me know if you have seen or know where to get one or two or three… >.

so there, i am now a confirmed modern ‘karang guni’  lady.  if you like vintage, read more here  and LIKE our vintage loving community here. it is another blog i co-write with my partner-in-grime, J.  have a great week ahead!



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