bento 173 – forever friends bear

i love this bear when i was in my late teens… yes, it’s that old! dont we all want to be forever friends with our best buddies, bff?  =)

i added some sweet sauce to rice and shaped it into an oval ball using cling wrap. made two smaller balls for its ears. i tried rolling a small white ball for its muzzle but didnt quite like it, and  replaced it with a piece of flattened bread.

this was how i ‘attack’ the poor bear.  yummy!

update :  posted this to shannon’s what’s for lunch.


14 thoughts on “bento 173 – forever friends bear

  1. hi i love your blog and your bento ideas, your very creative…i love bento this days, and my daughter really love it too… i have question, how did u make the face of the bear? do u have tools/cutter to make the eyes and lips?

    1. hi charlotte, welcome to the bento club. it can be so addictive sometimes, eh? glad your daughter like it too. hope my reply in bento gadgets facebook helped you. feel free to ask if you have more questions.

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