bento 170 – moo moo and eyes

this week’s  speedy bentos were prepared with mini buns as main course.

this was my main ‘ingredient’. mini bread/burger buns from gardenia.

ta dah! it became a cow ( well, that’s what i had in mind while removing the crust).  some of you probably see an oink oink here. =) added nori and egg sheet for face details, ears are luncheon meat or spam, pinned with a short piece of uncooked spaghetti.

cow make moo moo sound. panda?  i googled but cant find the word. i read somewhere that panda barks. ?

it’s egg and spam mini burgers  for the kids.


2 thoughts on “bento 170 – moo moo and eyes

    1. Thanks Jenn. yes, try it. It’s like making something out of nothing. In this case a plain boring bun to a cute one with minimal preparation! ;),

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