bento 170 – hello kitty and more

i have not made any hello kitty lately. this will be my first for year 2011.

a simple bento for me! =)

update: added this to shannon’s what’s for lunch post.

these were the bento gadgets i used to make HK.

my kids’s sammies with condensed milk, steamed chicken nuggets and mini taiwan sausages.

note:  both kids complaint that the nuggets were .. er.. yucky and advised me to either fried or bake it, adding that it was not a good idea to steam. but they liked the steamed chicken with seaweed wrap! hmnn..maybe these nuggets were covered with a thick coat of batter. point taken.


2 thoughts on “bento 170 – hello kitty and more

  1. yeap. i’m almost cured from the vintage ‘bugs’ (read: no more space for new ‘old furniture’ at home). lol! so gotta keep eyes off the online classified… and focus on bento making. =D

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