bento 166 – crabby and mouse

gong xi fa cai to all who are celebrating the lunar chinese new year!  i am still in a chinese new year mood… and just remembered that valentine’s day is just around the corner. time to make those lovey dovey heart shaped bentos. i know my little gal will like this theme.

my apologies for the lack of postings recently. i have been busy redecorating our home plus lazy to blog ever since the holidays started in mid november. am slowly trying to get back to the routine and here are today’s bentos.

k’s meat floss sandwich with quail egg and sausages.

s’s sweet sauce noodle .

cheers! =)


8 thoughts on “bento 166 – crabby and mouse

    1. Lol!! Kids told me the eyes n ears are all over the box despite being pinned with uncooked spaghetti . they normally open their box before putting it into their school bag, so they’ll have an idea what it is. >.<

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