bento 163 – french toasts balls

i am quite pleased with k’s simple snack’s bento =). it’s french toast onigiri made to resemble a cute doggy (k said it’s a bear). 

this is k’s woof woof french toast. (update: added this to shannon’s what’s for lunch. have you added yours?)

i did s’s bento first. only piggy came to mind, a tried and tested, i.e . repeated charaben as i only have 15 mins to prepare the bento. added 2 pieces of boiled cheese tofu which the kids like, and a few slices of orange as fruit of the day which they DONt like. s kept asking me to take it out but …mommy rules! =D. he being nice, obliged though grudgingly.

s’s oink oink.

here is how i made the onigiris, – bread balls.

put the bread on a cling wrap, then shape the bread into a ball freehand.

use these mini cutters to cut ear, nose and muzzle from cheese. the onigiris nori facial details were cut using carla craft punchers. i absolutely adore these punchers! in singapore, they are sold exclusively in popular bookstores, available in selective few outlets. bras basah outlet has a wider range.

my mini carla’s collection. i am still missing a smiley face. they were sold out since last year!  i’ve given up hope to ever get one in singapore, sigh…=(


10 thoughts on “bento 163 – french toasts balls

  1. This looks so cute! I am looking for more nori cutters myself. Especially with faces on them since I now only have basic shapes like heart, star, butterfly & flower.

  2. Cute French Toast piggy and doggy..
    And i love french toast! its yummy.

    I want to get the carla craft punches too.. i didnt make it to Bras basah outlet last visit.

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