bento 162 – fishball & sausage teddy

this was last friday’s bento. a fishball and sausage combo, made into a simple teddy. s requested for his usual fried rice, with egg. as usual i flavoured it with ‘abc indonesian’ /soya sweet sauce and sesame oil. no bento for k as she skipped school for her routine eye check-up.

to make teddy, i slit the fishball and inserted 2 round pieces of sausage (i used the mini cocktail ones)  as ears and pin a small end piece of the same with spaghetti as the muzzle. the facial details were cut from nori.


6 thoughts on “bento 162 – fishball & sausage teddy

    1. thanks ai ping, yeah feel great to be back. it’s just that i am still having the ‘vintage’ fever bug so still spending a heck lots of time trawling the net ‘window’ shopping. hehe.. =)

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