bento 161 – back to school bento

HELLO! here’s wishing all, a happy and blessed new year!! i am back after weeks of mia. lots to catch up and write… hmnn.. where do i begin?



this was the 1st day of school bento, a tried and tested simple bunny quail eggs with fishball and noodle/nutella sandwich. i am ‘rusty’ in the bento ideas department after such a long break. i think the creativity juices may have just dried up.

2nd day bento. this was how creative i was – just poked two cute picks…

today’s butter and crispy meat floss sandwich with mousy chicken cocktail sausage topping and some grapes. cuter? i hope my ‘bento ideas ‘ will come back to me soon!

on another note, whilst i was on a self-declared bento break, i’ve been busy with visiting flea markets and online shopping for vintage stuff. i am redecorating our home from a resort theme to a vintage one. my other half was not quite happy with the change, but he is obliging and has been most accommodating with my vintage decor ideas. thank you bb! (*.^)

i was literally almost jumping with excitement when i finally found these old beauties . 

if you remember drinking in these gorgeous glasses, you are probably at least in your late thirties, if not older, hahaa… these retro glasses have been around since 1970’s. holding them reminded me of my childhood days during chinese new year. (ok, i am almost vintage, ;p ). my late mom would use these glasses only on special occasions. i remembered drinking f&n orange soft drinks in these when i was er, a few decades younger. cheers! =)




7 thoughts on “bento 161 – back to school bento

  1. Happy New Year and Happy back to school, Karen!!! So nice we can see your kawaii bentos again. I love the quail egg bunny and the mousy cocktail, they are so cute. 🙂 Gorgeous glasses too.

  2. Welcome back! I’ve been staring at the penguin bento for quite some time and wondered when you’ll be back! Happy New Year and don’t worry about the creative dept. I’m sure your little one will understand that just like them, parents need to readjust as well. =) Hope to see more bentos soon!

  3. Oh my, they are all cute. I love it very much! Thanks for sharing this lovely and adorable lunch pack bento. I’m glad I discover your page. I really enjoyed coming in here. Also, I would like to recommend to you to use a stainless steel bento container. Because of its Durability and 100% BPA free guaranteed.

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