finally, it’s mine…

i want it the minute i laid eyes on it.  i absolutely adore this and after deliberating over a weekend, my other half  finally nodded. here it is… the first time i saw it.

this 60’s vintage vanity reminded me of late mom. it is almost a complete replica of hers. this one was rehab with red drawers instead of the original beige, and i loveeeee it with all the ‘perfect imperfections’ –  the slight crack, missing parts, stained mirror.

 it’s now standing proudly at a corner of my room, together with my ‘new’ antique standing lamp and retro foot stool (which i am using temporary as a dresser stool for now) .

mom and me.

 “i missed you mom, till we meet again…God bless!”


10 thoughts on “finally, it’s mine…

  1. Thank you all for the sweet comments. It’s unfortunate that my kids didn’t have the chance to get to know their grandma better. I guessed we have to trust the one above who called her home so early.

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