bento 159 – korilakkuma

my apologies for the lack of post and visit, my bento friends.  i have been busy trawling the internet for vintage stuff. i am still having ‘high fever’ caused by the ‘vintage virus’! anyone out there has the prescription/cure?

let’s talk bento. singapore school holiday begins today! hence i would not be making snack bento for the kids till school reopens in jan2011. will have one more hour to sleep in the morning, and more time and chances to make cute lunch/dinner bento. my children with be back to kl with their grandparents. which means, a break for their mommy too! ;P

below was a dinner bento, with a korilakkuma onigiri. rilakkuma is often accompanied by korilakkuma, who is a smaller child-like white bear with a mischievous personality.

this is very simple to make. make 1 big rice ball and 2 small rice balls using cling wrap.  the facial details are minimal too. cant resist putting a flower pick on it. is korilakkuma a boy or girl huh? oops, too late to make any changes! =)


12 thoughts on “bento 159 – korilakkuma

  1. The korilakkuma is so cute and look so cozy inside the bento box! School holidays starts and I think many will have bento break yeah, I’ll still have few more weeks before my boy’s school closed for Christmas week only! 😀

    1. hi ai ping, yeap, me enjoying my break, but i do miss making bento for the kids… well, sometimes. especially when i get some inspiration to make the christmas theme ones. hehe… another month and it’ll be christmas! have you started shopping?

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