bento 158 – moo or baa…

this bento was prepared for a dear friend over the weekend.

a cow charaben for J as i know she likes (or used to like) moo moo stuff, but she saw a lamb here. what did you see? in any case, this shall be a lamb that moos… =P

in the main bento box, japanese rice onigiri (not exactly a rice ball, i flattened it quite a bit as the box is shallow), baked seaweed chicken and nugget, boiled tofu, broccoli, carrot ,sweet potato and a little bit of cheese for decor.

second tier contained fruits, mini tangerines, a few blueberries and grapes, scooped balls of dragon fruit and a cherry tomato.

i was worried that the above bento is too little for lunch. added another simple snack bento, 2 kaya buns with more of the same goodies .

J has a blog mostly about food and her musings in life.  hop over here to read what she wrote about eating this charaben bento.  =)


16 thoughts on “bento 158 – moo or baa…

  1. Awww…the moo moo looks very cute, i try to see a sheep but i can’t. hahaha. btw please check on my recent post about blogger award!!! and claim yours! ^o^)/ congratz!

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