bento 157 – soon it’ll be…

soon… it’ll be christmas day!  i was humming this while walking home this evening.  Jesus birthday… a special day for me too 😉

let me start the ball rolling and share with you my first 2010 very  early christmas bento albeit a simple one.

in the dinner box, snowman rice onigiri,  potato, pumpkin, buttercup vegetable and teriyaki chicken. snowman’s hat is made from blueberries, nose is carrot, nori eyes and mouth, ship food pick as the pipe and cheesy snow.

have a great weekend all. i know i will. durian puffs!  i will be eating a few of you tomorrow! hehe…cheers, =P

update: posted this bento in shannon’s what’s for lunch. have you posted yours?


16 thoughts on “bento 157 – soon it’ll be…

  1. Agreed with Alice, you are so early! Love how your snowman is matching the santa, the way the both looking up! Especially in the second edited photo with snows, they looks like so enjoy under the falling snows! 😀

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