bento 155 – snoopy onigiri … and more

hello! i am back…. and i have so much to write! =)

first thing first, thank you all for the sweet comments you left in the previous post. my apologies for the late reply. we went back to kl during the long weekend holiday. in a blink of an eye, we are back to the normal routine again ! i made bentos for the kids last week, but was too lazy to find time to post them.

below are photos of some bentos prepared and eaten last week.

below is today’s. s’s snoopy bread onigiri with cheese tofu, chicken cocktail sausages and a mini tangerine.

k’s ms bearie kaya bun. i wrapped the bun with cling-wrap so the cheesy facial details remain intact when she opened the lid. otherwise, she will see only be a plain bun as those cheesy stuff will definitely stick to the lid.

it was a pig initially but it looked kinda ‘funny’, not cute funny but ugly funny! haha… i didnt like it so changed it to a bear since i have some spare minutes. it was raining this morning so hubby drove s to school. have i ever mentioned that i cycle my son (yes, all 43kg + bag 5kg) to school every morning, except when it’s raining? this would be my morning exercise.. hehe. anyway, it’s only a short distance.

on another note, i think i have to admit i am really getting ‘older’ !! i am so into vintage and pre-loved items now. sigh… or yeah! if i see a grandma ring a few years back, i would say it’s so old-fashioned. now, it would be a different reply. i love shopping in flea markets (instead of the malls), ‘hunting’ for unique vintage items. i like it vintage and pre-loved because of the mystery/ history behind it. here are my latest vintage collection, bought last week.

i absolutely heart, heart these 2 rings! the old lady seller said these were hers and bought 40 years ago. she claimed that the jade were white then! (@,@) . double happiness when i found out that the jade are genuine even if they are not the grade ‘A’ type. anyway, who cares! =)

my fabulous made in japan, vintage marcasite watch, a steal at only sgd20! bought from john, a watch repairer. he would repaired old broken watches and sell them as a hobby.

a vintage authentic made in italy, gucci bamboo handbag at sgd100! and in good condition too! saw this on craiglist singapore. the sweet lady who sold this to me said she is letting go this 9-year-old bag to make room for new ones. who knew i could be so happy buying cheap pre-loved items! =)

oh, i just fell in love with henna hand painting too! i’ll talk about this in another post. i am too long-winded today. 



11 thoughts on “bento 155 – snoopy onigiri … and more

  1. I like the giraffe bento..and the snoopy too.
    wow.. you are super mom, you cycle your son to school.. i bet you are very fit.

    oh.So you are Malaysian too?

    1. Hi ai ping, no choice la. My son refused to walk even though it’s just 2 bus stops or less than 10 mins walk to the school. My apologies, have not been blog surfing lately. Will drop by this evening to catch-up! C ya 🙂

  2. so happy to see so many cute bentos again. Love the snoopy cute!
    So good you can cycle your son to school and make this as morning exercise. I love cycling too, but it has been a long long long time I didn’t cycle already. 🙂

    1. Hi Emily! So nice to be posting and ‘talking’ to my dear bento friends again!! Missed you all so much. Abang and i make it a weekend routine to cycle and have breakfast after that. Cycling is an ‘easier’ form of exercise especially for him who is on the heavy side! Hehe..

  3. oh.. i postponed my trip to end of this month.. so i will be roaming around spore for bento wait for my post of my new bento toys soon.. keke..

    any suggestion on location to get bento stuff in spore besides Daiso? how about Taka?

    1. hi florence, i can only find cookie cutters at taka, those pooh, mickey mouse, marie types. you can get hello kitty and some sanrio characters cute bento stuff from this shop at chinatown point, 2nd floor. if you have time, visit bakery shops like phoon huat. we can find cutters and sometimes cute picks. hope this helps. =)

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