bento 154 – chicky bread onigiri

it’s back to the usual morning snack bento post until … Christmas! yeah, i am eagerly waiting to make Christmas bentos.  i think i made only one Christmas bento last year,  hope i can do more this time. hehe… =)

k’s bento, chicky bread onigiri with nutella. i cut the bread crust and shaped the bread into a ball with a piece of cling wrap. also in the box – seaweed chicken, tomatoes and mini tangerine.

s’s bento. same stuff as his sister’s.

to make the chicky bread ball, place cling wrap on a ‘curved’ palm and then the bread/with filling on top.  twist the cling wrap. that ‘s it!  this time, i tried to shape it into a slight pointed round shape for the chicky.  i used food picks for the chicky’s comb and beak.


14 thoughts on “bento 154 – chicky bread onigiri

  1. Love it all, especially the chicks! That is such a clever idea, making onigiri out of bread. Will just any bread work? And would it be better to roll it flat first do you think?

  2. Hey Karen, I wrote you a comment a couple of nights ago from Tokyo but seems to have gone MIA, I was there to meet a merchant who sells bento boxes and accessories online to France and everywhere from Japan. Way cool. You have to do something like that with instructions like a How To Charaben Kit. We have to talk!

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