Bento 151 – mr Frankenstein and friends

this is my fourth halloween bento, a lunch bento prepared with yesterday’s dinner dishes =) .

a frankenstein onigiri, made with rice mix with chopped edamame. side dishes were dark- sauce potato with minced meat, vegetables saute with fish cakes and oyster-sauce chicken, steamed cocktail chicken sausage, and cherry tomatoes. all facial details cut from nori and smoked cheese.

 i was pretty satisfied with the cat this time, unlike yesterday’s ‘wrinkled’ ones =) , but must confessed that i spent a little more time to prepare this than the usual morning express bento snacks for the kids.

here is a closer look at frankenstein and his friends.

will be submitting this to hapa bento’s october BOMB contest along with the other halloween bentos (bunny, hello kitty and mummies) submitted earlier. 4 more days to participate in the contest, or click to see many awesome halloween bentos and ideas from around the world.

posting this to shannon’s what’s for lunch too.


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