bento 149 – mr bear inari sushi

i was on leave yesterday, home baby-sitting full-time as in-laws are away. kids and i had instant noodles for late breakfast and went to the mall in the afternoon. they wanted mcdonald’s for lunch.

i am so glad that s loves reading rick riordan’s fiction story books. he’s completed the percy jackson series (5 thick books!) and we just bought a new one today – book was launched last week. this is the thickest! once he started, he wouldnt want to let the book down. that will keep him occupied for a while. 🙂 .  highly recommended for boys 9+.

dinner was home cooked rice, tomagoyaki, chicken sausage, inari sushi.

i wanted to make a Frankenstein initially but they were hungry, so i just anyhow  ‘stacked’ and ‘assembled’ their food.

i prepared the first ever bento for hubby who was working late and didnt have dinner with us.  hehe… =P  well, he had a big smile on his face when he saw this. he finished all (as snacks) but the edamame, like father like son and daughter!


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