bento 148 – hello kitty clelebrates halloween

yeah, hello kitty in her lion suit celebrates halloween. this was my simple dinner bento of fried rice, edamame, carrots, tomatoes and kiwi.

this is how i did it.  i missed out the mini flower plunger. used carrot, cheese, fish ball, and nori (seaweed).

‘edamame’ green spider with musical notes punch-out nori as legs.

my beloved hk in her lion suit.  =)

there, my dinner. time to prepare – 30 minutes (exclude cooking), photo taking – 5 minutes, eaten in less than 3 minutes! i was hungry … =^.^=

update: posted this to shannon’s what’s for lunch.


13 thoughts on “bento 148 – hello kitty clelebrates halloween

  1. Yeay! Your green spider and Hello Kitty are super cute! Not to mention very creative too with those cutters and punchers. Can I have the green spider? Wish all the spider looks like that 😀

    1. Lol! Yes you can have all the spiders. Er I don’t think I like green spiders. I m already freaking out when spotting a black one, if green, I think I’ll pengsan! Haha…

  2. Cute HK in lion suit and I like the green spiders so much! I never make myself a kyaraben before, maybe shall try one day to see what is the feeling of eating all those characters! 😀

    1. Thanks ai ping. Good to be creative, take some photos, then just eat/ clean up. No need to find storage space ma. Haha… The kids are on holiday so decided impromptu to make one for moi. 🙂

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