bento 146 – a pink ribbon and an elephant

october is the ‘pink ribbon’ month! kudos to so many bento bloggers and friends who participated in bento blog’s pink october bento theme to raise awareness of breast cancer. 

i was so inspired by all the lovely bentos and posts that i want to participate in the event too. this is my simple pink ribbon bento prepared from dinner dishes, mushroom and oyster chicken, boiled veg, japanese tofu with minced meat, lotus, garnished with carrot and sausage.

i had a breast cancer scare many years ago. i found 2 small lumps and the doctor  had to remove them for biopsy. although it was a minor day surgery and fortunately they were benign,  the wait for the results was torturing, with lots of  ‘what ifs’ questions.

it is heartwarming to know that there are so many happy ending stories amidst our small bento community, that there are many aunts or moms who are cancer survivors.  the key is early detection! please remember to self examine and/or do a periodic mammogram screening.

click here for more details of the event hosted by bento blog.

this was k’s bento. i was hoping she would eat the steamed carrot elephant, but she didnt. in any case, i was happy that she didnt throw it and waste food. she gave it to her grandpa. =)

to make the elephant, just cut the a piece of oval shape carrot, then either use a small cutter or scissors to cut away some bits to form the trunk and legs. i added a tiny sausage flower and heart-shaped confetti as ear.

s had  high fever and skipped school for 2 days. he even hallucinated a few times. hope he is well enough to attend school tomorrow, even if only for 2 hours to take his exam. or maybe not…


14 thoughts on “bento 146 – a pink ribbon and an elephant

  1. Oh Karen! Glad that you are free from the breast cancer nightmare now. I am so lazy to do my regular mammogram screening. Always late from the schedule :p Great pink bento to be included for Pink October event!

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