Bento 145 – pikachu and busy bee

yesterday’s bento – steamed chicken nuggets, cheese fish cake, mini cheese nutella sandwich and grapes.

s’s pikachu was cut with an oval cutter.

k’s busy bee, also cut with an oval cutter.  another super fast and simple snacks. ever heard of the chinese phrase, kill 2 birds with one stone?
in this case, i ”kill” two bentos with a cutter! hehe…

i had the usual salad for lunch, plus some soya beans, cherry tomatoes, purple sweet potato, and two steamed chicken nuggets ( not in photo)

i still have some vegetables in fridge enough for 2 more servings. after that , i think i’ll skip salad for a while, and have some other stuff. perhaps try simple oats and fruits cereal, or make some fancy charaben bentos just for me. =)

i have accumulated quite a few bento photos not posted to date.  probably i will just post them altogether in one post. hmmn… will deal with that later. meanwhile, i need to do some blog hopping! i missed my bento friends posts!! =(

happy midweek all ! =)


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