Bento 144 – ‘teardrop’ Catty

bento of the day – chicken sausage and butter sammies. s’s was simply two pieces of butter spread bread, cut into half with sausage in between. took care of that in less than a minute. was in a little rush so decided not to take any picture.

this was k’s sealed chicken sausage sandwich. I spent a little time making the bread crust catty. cut tiny triangles using star cookie cutter as ears, head – a circle cutter and ‘ teardrop’ body and tail was cut free hand using an art and craft small knife. cat’s nose and bell are cute picks, also served as pin to hold the cat in place.

i had a simple salad for lunch. the usual lettuce, carrot, purple cabbage, butterhead and a boiled chicken sausage. in the mini container, italian dressing. fruit of the day, grapes.

yippee! weekend is here again.  have a great weekend all!! =)


8 thoughts on “Bento 144 – ‘teardrop’ Catty

  1. Tee hee, do you use the HK box for your salad and then bring it to work? I once did it and my coworkers teased me because of my HK box LOL :D. Btw, really love the cat, it’s sooo cute 😀

    1. Yes I brought it to work. I think the whole division knew my love for hello kitty so they kind of ‘accepted it’. Otherwise I can always say it’s my daughter’s. Hehe… 😉

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