Bento 143 – hearty dog and a mother hen

i made a dog with a heart shape cutter. tilt it upside down, and voila, it’s the dog’s face. body was cut with an oval cutter.

k’s.  saw so many ‘chicks’ nuggets lately from so many bento mamas. it’s about time i made mine. =) cheese chicken was made with a round shape cutter. thanks to the inventor of these cute picks, i didnt have to cut carrot bits to make the chick’s comb. =)

this was mine. 1st tier  – sweet potato, nectarine and strawberry. 2nd tier – sambal ikan bilis (anchovies), broccoli, japanese tofu stir fried with fish cake, egg and mince meat.


8 thoughts on “Bento 143 – hearty dog and a mother hen

  1. This is toooo cute!!! Great idea to use heart shape for the dog’s face. BTW, your own bento is delicious, I feel like want to eat it. Nice. 🙂

    1. thanks emily. my lunch bento was overnight dinner cooked by mil. i just scooped some out before dinner and steamed them the next morning. and that’s my simple lunch. =)

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