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    hello! i am karen, a full time working mom living in singapore. happily married and blessed with 2 "most of the time well-behaved" kids, they are my bento eaters and critics.

    apart from loving anything kawaii cute, i am also in love with all things vintage. check out iprelovedreloved.wordpress.com, a blog that a dear friend, judy and i jointly write about our vintage treasures! =)

    please feel free to leave comments or just say hello. you can also contact me at karen_hoh@yahoo.com

    God Bless! (>.<)

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bento 142 – a halloween bento

i was in the mood to make a halloween themed bento this evening.  my first!

bento was from tonight’s dinner – potato with minced meat, veg in oyster sauce and teriyaki chicken. used three ingredients for charaben stuff – carrot, cheese and nori. i wanted to do a cat (fishball) in costume but abandoned the idea because i was too lazy to cook. yeap, carrot is raw! =)

the bunny was made with 2 bunny heads (turned one upside down), bat was cut with tiny bear cutter, wings cut free hand with a toothpick, jack o’ lantern, with an  apple shaped cookie cutter.

update: link this up with shannon’s what’s for lunch.

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15 Responses

  1. Nice and cute halloween bento. ^.^

  2. I love this!

    I’m still pondering what I should do for Halloween bento… Heehee yours is lovely!

  3. This is really nice! I like the bat a lot! :D

  4. Very nice and cute Halloween bento! Do your family celebrate this event?

  5. Awesome! Love the ghosts and little bat :)

  6. How cute! Such a festive bento for Halloween. I know my girls would rather have a cute bento like this than a bunch of candy.

  7. You are damn good! Working full time and still can churn out so many dishes for dinner! I’ll probably drop dead if I work full time. :P

    Great Halloween theme bento! The bat is soooooo cute!

  8. Love this!

  9. Wow, you show us so many looked-so-cute scary creatures to us, love it! Me too, I was in the mood to make Halloween-themed bento today. I made four bentos – three of them have Halloween theme, and the rest has a girly theme :D

  10. thank you all for the sweet compliments! will be hopping over to check yours soon! ;)

  11. […] submitting this to hapa bento’s october BOMB contest along with the other halloween bentos (bunny, hello kitty and mummies) submitted earlier. 4 more days to participate in the contest, or click to […]

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