bento 141 – simple …

this is an old post.   my kids helped baked some dark chocolate muffins (premix) sometime last week. both cooperated and did an awesome job reading the recipe instruction, measuring, mixing, arranging and filling the muffin cups.  they had a great time and i was happy to stand aside to supervise. =)

they had muffins for snack the next day.  i ‘decorated’ the plain dark chocolate muffins simply with a  heart-shaped confetti and cute pick.  added a mini butter and cheese sandwich for each.

i had bento too. as usual it’s overnight dinner dishes – chicken teriyaki, long bean with anchovies, carrots and tomatoes. i overcooked the broccoli, so i mashed it up and mix with rice. yummy too!


4 thoughts on “bento 141 – simple …

  1. Hi, Karen! How I miss visiting this blog :D. Baking with the kids sounds a very fun activity and they did a great job! As for your request for the photography, just give me some time. I’ll try to generate the formula first, LOL! 😛

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