bento 139 – pokemon eevee and hello kitty

s made a special charaben bento request. he wanted an aura pokemon called lucario!

hmnn… this will probably need hours considering the colour and details involved! yes, if it is on a weekend, as a special project that we can do together. definitely not something i would want to attempt in the wee morning. =P

he chose a few more and we finally agreed to this, evolution pokemon – eevee, as it looked pretty simple. as it turned out, today’s bento is an example of poor planning. sigh…

the colour! this bento would look much better with a lighter background like rice or bread. too late to do anything as i cooked the noodle first. eevee is a pokemon. that’s all i know, the kids shared what it does but i cannot recall.  i only know pokemon can evolve from one stage to another, and possess special powers. i cooked 2 eggs separately, added one with dark and sweet sauce.

seing the kor kor (brother) chose a pokemon, k wanted one too (above spike ball pokemon named togepi), but later changed her mind in the morning.

i suggested a flower and girlie character (a hello kitty?) cheese sandwich, and she said ok!

so finally, bear cutter series no 10 – a hello kitty in a teddy suit.  it can be difficult to find a hello kitty cutter besides being expensive. i improvised with the bear cutter, we still can make a hello kitty without a hello kitty cutter. =)  used an oval cutter to make a ‘hole’ for kitty’s face. k had mini cheese and omelette sandwiches.

update: submitted this to shannon’s what’s for lunch. shannon is donating a food item for every lunch link up.

besides hello kitty, there are many other characters that can don the teddy suit. hmnn… that could be another series. =)

here is a round-up of the bear cutter series.

hope you had had enjoyed the series as much as i enjoyed making them for my kids. i love the bear cutter ! =)


12 thoughts on “bento 139 – pokemon eevee and hello kitty

  1. Oh dear, HK with teddy cutter, this is superb! Thanks for the idea, that would come to rescue one day if I need to make HK, as I don’t have a single HK cutter (my elder boy always said that is for girl only, haha…).

  2. You are superb!!! Great idea to use the bear cutter to make so many cute character ever the HK…never think of this…hahahah.

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