bento 136 – koala and sausage mouse

it’s been a while …   i was either too busy enjoying late nights watching tv or sleeping early.  there are so many back log bentos to post ! 

apart from the usual morning bentos, i had a small bento ‘workshop’ with a few of my colleagues (their bentos were awesome, you’ll be surprised that they did it for the first time), i spent a few nights last week preparing cute mooncakes and baking muffins too! i will also share how  the kids celebrated mid autumn festival, in malaysia! stay tuned!

this is bear cutter series animal nos 7 – mr koala

k had wholemeal bread and cheese sandwich.

and this was s’s mouse sausage. the sausage was too small, i spent some time putting up its ears, and ran out of time to fix its whiskers (with rice noodle).

s made the doraemon mooncake (these bentos were prepared and eaten last week before the mid autumn festival).  although he doesnt eat mooncake, he  was so sweet to make one for his friend, ian. =)


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