bento 135 – bear cutter series no 6 and charlie

i am almost half way through this bear cutter series.  here is animal nos 6 – panda. one of the easiest to make too. just add nori facial details and it is done.

s asked for noodle this morning.  i added egg as a side dish. cooked the egg white and yolk separately so i can use egg white to make panda. i  wanted to cut the egg yolk into heart shapes but s wanted fish. boys…

this was k’s. she was still asleep when i prepared this. made a lovey dovey egg sandwich as she likes heart shapes .

i’ve talked quite a bit about our pet dog in the previous posts, he being one of the bento eaters, never once complaint. hehe.. let me introduce you to our beloved charlie, the sweetest and most gentle little guy!  woof woof …  =)

seen here playing/chewing with his new ‘bone bone’.


8 thoughts on “bento 135 – bear cutter series no 6 and charlie

    1. alice, yeah all puppies are cute but they grow! haha… charlie is 6 this year, he is considered an ‘old’ dog. did you see his white beard. it was black before. =)

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