bento 132 – Which is smarter, a pig or a dog?

A pig ! because it rolls in mud and knows its good for its skin and demands privacy by making annoying sounds?

today’s bear cutter series, animal nos 4 is piggy.  =)

mr and mrs piggies! this was k’s bento. in this bento box – same as yesterday’s,  ham and cheese sandwich as requested by my gal. cut the balance ham and bread into heart shapes and added some grapes and tomatoes. k ate the grapes but the tomatoes went to her mommy’s tummy after the photo taking. =)

i combined these  two eyes nori cut outs to make eyes with lashes for the girl piggy, and the mouth cut out as ears.

i didnt make any bento for s. it was his turn to take the prepackaged oat biscuits to school. i woke up just in time to prepare his breakfast and send him off to school. phew!


11 thoughts on “bento 132 – Which is smarter, a pig or a dog?

    1. @kelly , thanks kelly. yeah me too, nori sticking to hand, nori not cut out completely, nori cant find them, nori not sticking on food, and more… etc, etc, hahaa…
      i am still trying to find something that i can use to replace nori , well at least when i need to do bento in a hurry! i may just have the answer! i will blog about it soon…! hehe.. 😉

  1. hi emily, thanks la. =) . i used this the most as it’s always washed and used. lazy to take other cutters from their packaging and some hidden ‘dont know where they are’ place. hehe.. cheers!

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