bento 131 – bear cutter series nos 3: what has a tawny coat and black stripe?

here is animal nos 3 using the same bear cutter.

a tiger cub! in this bento, eaten and prepared yesterday – cheese and ham sandwich, a few grapes and tomatoes. this was s’s snack bento.

i used this carla craft’s exclamation mark for the whiskers/stripes.

the first photo and some earlier photos are ‘grainy’. i just realized that my  iphone  4 camera zooming function was faulty. went to the telco’s service centre to complaint and they gave me a refurbished phone as replacement! my phone is barely a month old! so sad! there is nothing i can do or say to get a refund or a new commercial phone. they said that’s the term and condition when i purchased the phone. blah! sorry i digressed, i need to vent my frustration. sigh…

back to bento, my gal didnt want any yesterday. just as well because i was running late. just packed some oatmeal biscuits for her.

this is my favourite too, i love oat and apple and cinnamon! bought from ntuc (local supermarket).

after the one week break, lots of durians, mooncakes, muffins and cupcakes, i am 3kg HEAVIER!  =(  it’s time to head to the gym, eat healthier, and smaller portion of food! was thinking of having just 2 oat biscuits for breakfast and half cup of cereal for lunch… hmnnn… maybe not! =)


10 thoughts on “bento 131 – bear cutter series nos 3: what has a tawny coat and black stripe?

  1. what a cute cub! I hear mooncake. My dad is going to deliver some for me and my in-laws. I like the yolk the best and always save that for last! As for eating healthy…hmm, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so i would suggest you load up for breakfast, and lunch, and small meals for dinner. I dropped some weight when I switch my meals around…having breakfast food for dinner, and pack what I made for dinner for lunch the next day…

    1. hi mrs p, yes, me too! like the yolk but i usually cant wait and eat that first! thank you for the advise. i normally eat lots for dinner and sometimes have supper too! hehe..what more i am having durian mooncakes in my fridge now! haha… =)

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