mini flower cupcakes

this week is a school holiday break so i have not been making any bentos.  i was inspired to make some cupcakes after seeing pl and dee’s. i  bought a 5kg ready made fondant after our first cupcake ‘workshop’ and have not touched it since. that was many moons ago and it will expire early next year!

these are mini chocolate sponge cake, made from a premix bought from phoon huat. very nice soft texture and almost idiot proof for me. nice. =)

the mini cakes ‘transformed’ into cupcakes with pink  fondant flowers as  topping.

i baked a larger cupcake specially for this ‘bouquet of flowers’.  made especially to a dear colleague who is celebrating her birthday next week. happy birthday k! 😉

my cupcakes ‘ lessons’ learnt :

1. refrigerate fondant in the fridge first for easier handling.
2. use corn flour instead of icing sugar to reduce its stickiness.
3. do not refrigerate cake after decorating with fondant to avoid condensation.

i find this website very informative about fondant icing.  who knew that  fondant can be made using … marshmallow !


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