bento 128 – doraemon and ms bearie

i made my first ‘xiao ding dang’ , i.e. doraemon! i was inspired by ai ping’s. mine was also tanned as i dont have blue food colouring.  i made sandwiches, and used the ‘crusted’ outer bread to get a different colour.


my dear boy cannot recognize him and guessed it was a mouse, a cat , a bunny, then he gave up…. he walked away and mumbled ‘dont know’. ok, maybe he is not into doraemon.   😉

i mentioned in my earlier post that if there’s only one cutter i must have, it has to be this one. a bear shape cutter cum rice mould. i got this from daiso. if you like me, are into making cute animal faces, this cutter can help you to make many animal faces. hmnn… make a guess how many?

for the next few posts, i will be using this cutter/rice mould to make all the animal faces i could think of.  animal nos 1 is the obvious…

a bear! it’s a bear cutter after all. =)

this is my second bento series, let’s call it the bear cutter bento series . my first was the bento-able t-shirt bento series (bento).

yah! it’s weekend again.  have a happy happy weekend all! =)


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